Kingpins: Jamaica


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Gaza was born and raised in McGregor Gully, one of Jamaica's grittiest housing projects in the slums of East Kingston.

Growing up in poverty, he was exposed to robbery and murder at a tender age.

In order to stay alive, he quickly adapted to a life of crime.

Now he is one of the coldest killers and richest kingpins to ever walk the streets of Kingston.

Whoever comes into contact with him and his crew either loves them, fears them, or wants to see them dead.

The entrance of Catherine into his life just might change everything.

Catherine, a young and determined federal agent, is rapidly climbing the chain of command.

When she crosses paths with this deadly, charismatic stranger on one of her assignments, she's enchanted by his jovial ways.

Soon she forgets one of the most important law enforcement lessons: Trust no one.

Camille is a young Jamaican beauty who is hot on the dancehall scene.

With a banging body and a good mouthpiece, she has no problem getting whatever she wants, including Gaza.

She is not about to let Catherine come in and take over her spot.

Betrayal and backstabbing is at a high level, and Gaza is determined to wreak havoc on anyone who stands in his way.

No one is safe, not even the people closest to him.

Will this young thug risk it all to maintain his power, or will he be blinded by love for the woman who was hired to bring him down?