Kingpins: The Bronx


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Antonio, born of an affair between a beautiful actress and a notorious crime boss, lost his mother to drugs and was forced to navigate foster care and survive on the streets of the Bronx.

He is ignored by his father, the infamous head of a powerful crime syndicate, and his half-brothers are living the life Antonio used to dream about.

Antonio has turned his struggles into a career in the NBA, but when a devastating injury sidelines his basketball career and he finds out he has been duped out of millions by his best friend, Antonio is forced to turn to the father who never claimed him.

Paige came from money.

Private schools, trips around the world, and extravagant shopping sprees were all part of her upbringing.

Her father is a well-respected politician who is not happy when his daughter falls in love with a man who represents everything the senator despises.

But Paige's father harbors many secrets of his own, including one that will soon rock his family to the core.

In spite of their own marital issues, Paige's parents try to exert pressure on her to leave Antonio.

She lets love guide her, and despite her parents' threats to disinherit her, she marries Antonio anyway.

When secrets, lies, and ties to a dangerous criminal underworld cause their opposing worlds to collide, the young couple is torn between their love for one another and their competing family loyalties.

Family secrets, power, money, fame, and love are the ties that bind in this emotionally charged street tale.