Kingz Of The Game Part 5: The Investigation


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Following the bloody demise of the KINGZ OF THE GAME, a daring group of women emerged as the successors, only to suffer the same fate as their male predecessors.

Out of the ashes, one of each squad survived, and while KING RAY and QUEEN SHEILA are trying to rebuild their lives together, a cold-blooded killer won't rest until they are buried in the dirt.

 When a pregnant Sheila gets abducted, Ray agrees to trade his own life for the lives of his woman and their unborn child.

Will this really be the end of the King? Or does he have a trick up his sleeve?  Meanwhile, a persistent special agent with the FBI has launched an investigation into the extensive, criminal acts of the Kingz.

With a prized informant feeding him information, he's intent on bringing down this powerful organization and seeing to it that those in charge are sentenced to death.

Will the streets bury King Ray? Or will he face a legal execution? Or could it be the King has a Houdini act up his sleeve?