Kingz of the Game Part 6: The Investigation Continues


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After The Kingz' investigation takes a turn for the worse, FBI Special Agent BRIAN BISHOP faces the another dilemma when he goes after The Queenz.

Hell-bent on finishing what he'd started, the dedicated agent continues stalking RAY and SHELIA, the sole survivors of each organization.

Bishop refuses to hang up his badge until they are both sentenced to death for the crimes they committed.

Or until the notorious couple is buried alongside their fallen comrades.

On the night a pregnant Sheila is abducted by a killer who's only interested in the death of her boyfriend, Ray agrees to trade his life for hers and their unborn child's.

Will this be the end of the Ray? Will Shelia and the baby survive this deadly ordeal? Can one of the true KINGZ OF THE GAME find a way out of what seems to be a hopeless situation?