Kingz of the Game (Parts 1 ,2 & 3) Book Set


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Four friends come across a once in a lifetime lick they can potentially take them from small time hustlers to boss status.

But in the streets no dirty deed goes unpunished.

Money is the root of all evil and greed often overpowers loyalty.

JAMES is the mastermind of the crew, but RAY, FRED and BLACK are their own men with plans that are not always in line with what James has devised.

Will this lead to backstabbing and violent conflict? Or will the crew stick together through turmoil, blood and pain? The game is devoid of scruples.

Men who are bonded by circumstances are often divided by greed and women.

Will this become the fate of James' organization? Or will they rise above the pitfalls and elevate to KINGZ OF THE GAME.