Kismet Part 2: Some Things You Will Never Understand


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Kismet 2: Some Things You Will Never Understand picks up where the emotional roller-coaster ride of Kismet left off, except with more conflict and drama. Readers will feel an adrenaline rush from the erotic loops and free-falling drops of a bumpy romance like no other. Buckle up and hold on tight for this literary ride! Is it Karma or Kismet? You be the judge.

The saying goes: "A hard head makes for a soft ass." If that's true, then Savannah James must be walking around with a pillow attached to her backside after playing games with Karma, seeking revenge, and being punished for it by facing death twice.
It seems the thrill of playing with fate remains. The lessons she should have learned from past mistakes mean nothing when her absent mother walks back into her life after thirty years, ready to rekindle a relationship that never existed. How long can Savannah expect to go on without fate coming back to haunt her? Will she ever realize that the apple didn't fall far from the tree? The game she thinks she's uniquely playing with life has an author of the same bloodline.