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Paulie learned the hard way, that the streets have changed.

The so called realest gangstas were now getting dudes out of the way, by pointing the finger. He thought things would get better once he knocked off Tony, for killing his cousin Ty and ridding the streets of Tony's ruthless younger brother LB, but he was wrong. 

When the cops started kicking in doors for answers, they gave up Paulie's name and location. Within hours everything changed for Paulie. He was then put to the ultimate test of facing enemies without a gun and the possibility of spending the rest of his life in a prison cell.

When Paulie popped back on the scene, things were no longer safe for him and he was forced to leave Philly streets forever.

Paulie relocated to Atlanta, with a plan to find a better way than slinging birds and built a high-tech recording studio down there, linking up with the Philly homie Meek Mill, who became one of the hottest rappers in the game. Things started going very well for Paulie in Atlanta, and when he thought he was finally able to walk away from the streets, that's when he also learned that the rap game was no different than the crack game. 

Money bred envy in any line of business, which lead to betrayal, betrayal and more betrayal. After an attempt on Paulie's life, he was back to laying down the murder game and blood was spilled, not only in Atlanta, but also in New York City and Philadelphia. 

You are not going to trust nobody when it comes to money, after you're witness to PAULIE STORY.