Last of a Dying Breed Part 2: Legends are Born From Loyalty


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When LOVE was convicted and sentenced to federal prison, she swallowed it with her chest out and her feet planted flat, although it meant she would be leaving her two small children for someone else to raise.

But to her, it was loyalty over everything, no matter the price.

Even though her co-defendants didn't uphold the code of the streets, Love remained true to the game. As she begins serving her sentence, she quickly learns the thugga she loves and trusts with her life is longer hers.

Compounding her pain is the drama her children's father injects into her situation.

But like a true Queen that's been bred by the streets, Love refuses to crumble. Rocking the crown of Lynchburg, Virginia, Love will face one heartfelt battle after another.

When friends begin to do her dirtier than her worst enemies, will Love waver on her principles? Or will she stay ten toes down and prove that she is indeed the LAST OF A DYING BREED?