Last of a Dying Breed: Real Women Do Real Things


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LOVE is no stranger to pain.

Losing her mother at an early age and growing up having to fend for self, hardened the woman who would soon be crowned The Queen of the €˜Burg.

At the age of eighteen, her life was forever changed.

Once she hung up the stilettos and picked up a brick, running the streets of Lynchburg, VA, the D-boys had to pay respect to the realest female hustler to hit the block.

Her climb in the dope game earned her the attention of everyone, including the Feds

And people she broke bread with would rather send the Drug Task Force to her door than keep the code of silence.

When those who owe her everything give her nothing, will she plea a deal and return home to her two small children and the man who loves her, or will she remain loyal to the game and represent the LAST OF A DYING BREED?