Lawless Intent: Murder in the Badlands


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Nita Gonzalez takes readers on a terrifying tour of the streets of North Philadelphia, where the code of the streets rules supreme.

Told in such vivid detail and with a gritty and compelling style, this story of mayhem in the City of Brotherly Love is soon to be a hood classic. Raised by a crack addict, Lil' Bert has a chip on his shoulder and murder in his heart.

As the leader of Philly's most dangerous drug gang, he is determined to keep the city's murder rate skyrocketing to unprecedented proportions. Detective Alberto Ruiz is a man on a mission to find the son he never met, but first he must fulfill a vow he made to himself.

He is determined to help reduce the city murder rate, and Lil' Bert will be his first target.

Who will survive the final confrontation?