Levels to This Shyt Part 2: If Loving You is Wrong


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SYREN finds herself in a situation she never saw coming.

A predicament that's so unsettling it makes her question her sanity.

Is MAINE the cause of Syren's many problems? Or has she brought all of this upon herself? Infidelities committed by Maine and Syren has weakened what was once a strong bond.

If they walk away from this hood but storybook love, they just might find that the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence.

Their loyalty to each other was supposed to be strong enough to conquer anything, but there's LEVELS TO THIS SHYT

Can the very things that ripped them apart become the reason they mend things? Will JAELYN be their reason to hold on? Or is their end a foregone conclusion? Nothing is certain when the thing you love the most is the same thing you hate.