Levels to This Shyt: What Goes Around Comes Around


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SYREN loves MAINE deeply, but sometimes her love for him borders on being foolish.

Maine knows that he's the keeper of Syren's heart and he takes full advantage of her faith in him to the extent of betraying her over and over again. Everyone close to the situation warns Syren that she's being lied to and played for a fool, but it's hard to see what the heart doesn't want to accept.

Will Syren continue to go for Maine's lies and deceit? Or will she finally see him for who he truly is? Maine is so caught up in his own games, he doesn't realize that there's LEVELS TO THIS SHYT.

When a woman is fed up and scorned, she's more dangerous than a fully-loaded gun.

When it all comes out, love might turn into hate, hearts might be broken and deep, deep secrets get exposed.