Life of a Savage Part 2: Welcome To M.I. Yayo


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SAVAGE and the crew is back and more ruthless than ever as they fight to maintain their murderous stronghold on the streets of Miami, Florida.

But there's trouble brewing in the ringleader's home and it could sabotage everything that he's built.

Will Savage's wife, BRITT, accept JADA coming back into his life? Will Jada's lover, a notorious drug lord, oppose her reclaimed friendship with Savage? With strong egos and plenty of suspicions tossed into the mix, could things explode and leave lives shattered beyond repair? In the midst of his familial problems, Savage is on a collision course with BIG ZOE who, like himself, is one of the most feared men in the 305 area code.

A beef between these two powerful criminal factions could turn the city into a war zone.

Meanwhile, the Feds are closely watching THE LIFE OF A SAVAGE.