Life of a Savage Part 3: Back For Revenge


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The most deadly crew in Miami is back

After beefing with the vicious Zoe Pound and losing a lot of good men, SAVAGE has proven that his gangsta is prolific.

Now, he has a different mission to accomplish.

Savage's best friend is fresh out of prison and trying hard to remain on his Islamic deen as a Imam, but the streets is about to test them both.

KILLER has returned to claim what was his, and he has a deadly team of Mexican hitters at his disposal to help him strong arm the game.

Will the Mexican Mafia's leader crush Savage? Or will they run into a beast unlike any they've encountered before? When Savage finds out who is behind the recent mayhem that's aimed at him, vengeance will be served hot, swift and cold.

Only one crew can run the 305 area code, and they'll have to be beastly to maintain their throne.

But when a man has lived THE LIFE OF A SAVAGE, he fears nothing and no one.