Life of Sin : Me And My Girlfriend


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Born and raised in the notorious Red Hook Housing Projects of Brooklyn, New York, BENTLEY and JADE have it hard from day one.

Inside their respective homes, the mental and physical abuse takes its toll, and things finally spiral out of control. Dark days and even darker nights make way for tireless pain and destruction.

When a fatal fight leaves one of her parents dead, Jade is falsely accused.

While on the run from police, the diminutive beauty is swept away by Bentley, Brooklyn's most deadliest dope boy.

Together, they embark on a LIFE OF SIN. When a good girl falls in love with a bad boy there's no end to what she'll do to support her man.

Will Bentley lead Jade to the penitentiary? Or will his love allow her to blossom into a true Queen? Can Jade help Bentley become Brooklyn's finest? Or will her love be a detriment to his street dreams?