Life of Sin Part 2: Guns And Roses


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Like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde, JADE and BENTLEY are on the run.

The odds are stacked against them, and the law is closing in on them fast.

But the fiery, resourceful couple won't go down without a fight.

  When Jade finds herself under the gun and seconds away from being apprehended, Bentley must do the unthinkable.

The act sets the city ablaze, and the two must become entwined as one in order to overcome the many obstacles of the unforgiving jungle that threatens to annihilate the pair.

  LIFE OF SIN 2 is about GUNS and ROSES, heartache, pain, and darkness.

It's the epitome of unconditional love and a ride or die mentality that will leave your heart thumping with excitement and anticipation of what will happen next.