Life of Sin (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

Born and raised in the notorious Red Hook Housing Projects of Brooklyn, New York, BENTLEY and JADE have it hard from day one.

Inside their respective homes, the mental and physical abuse takes its toll, and things finally spiral out of control.

Dark days and even darker nights make way for tireless pain and destruction.

When a fatal fight leaves one of her parents dead, Jade is falsely accused.

While on the run from police, the diminutive beauty is swept away by Bentley, Brooklyn's most deadliest dope boy.

Together, they embark on a LIFE OF SIN.

When a good girl falls in love with a bad boy there's no end to what she'll do to support her man.

Will Bentley lead Jade to the penitentiary? Or will his love allow her to blossom into a true Queen? Can Jade help Bentley become Brooklyn's finest? Or will her love be a detriment to his street dreams?

Book 2

Like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde, JADE and BENTLEY are on the run.

The odds are stacked against them, and the law is closing in on them fast.

But the fiery, resourceful couple won't go down without a fight.

When Jade finds herself under the gun and seconds away from being apprehended, Bentley must do the unthinkable.

The act sets the city ablaze, and the two must become entwined as one in order to overcome the many obstacles of the unforgiving jungle that threatens to annihilate the pair.

LIFE OF SIN 2 is about GUNS and ROSES, heartache, pain, and darkness.

It's the epitome of unconditional love and a ride or die mentality that will leave your heart thumping with excitement and anticipation of what will happen next.

Book 3

JADE and BENTLEY are on the run for their freedom and their lives.

A single slip up could end their LIFE OF SIN and the epic bond they share through a storybook love that has withstood the harshest of storms.

On and odyssey of true, unconditional love where they each must make the ultimate sacrifice, can the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde couple remain one step ahead of death and destruction? When the riches pile up and the blueprints for a foolproof escape route comes into play, the pair is forced to place their trust in a friend from the past.

Will their decision lead to a happily ever after existence? Or will it finally be time to pay for their murderous and lucrative crime spree? Will the die-hard pair be able to take a detour and avoid the valley of death? Or will the saying of you live by the sword, you die by the sword become their fate? Get ready to smell the stench from the gun smoke and the fragrance of the roses when a true beast and his rider woman are faced with life or death circumstances.