Lipstick Killah Part 3: Fatal Finale


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Order Your Copy of Lipstick Killah Part 3 at REIGN tries desperately to get her life in order, but lies and deception continue to hound her.

Will the results of a DNA test be the thing that seals her relationship with SENAJ? Or will it be proof of a transgression so foul that there can be no reconciliation? A blast from the past seems to reach out from the grave, threatening to expose the LIPSTICK KILLAH, and putting her freedom on the line.

Not knowing who to trust, REIGN seeks to cut all ties to her past, but some bad deeds can't ever be undone.

Will the secrets die? Or will they bring her down to her knees? Meanwhile, all Reign wants is peace, love, and a brand new life.

Will she find what she's in search of? Or is Reign's demise predestined?