Living For The Sacrifice Brian Maurice Brown A Hood Hero's Guide to Success


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Living for the Sacrifice is the fascinating outline of engagement of one of the most intuitive and interesting men of our time; Brian Maurice Brown aka Peanut. A former drug kingpin-turned Grammy nominated music exec, Brown is the complex subject of this American Gangsta meets The Secret-style masterpiece. Peanut was bred on the same Detroit streets that took the lives of his parents while he languished in the shadows during a 5-year stint as a fugitive profiled on America s Most Wanted as a suspect of a vicious murder and narcotics empire that extended across the country and outside U.S. borders. After serving nearly 10 years in the Federal Correction System, he has risen to success in the entertainment industry, yet his proudest accomplishment is being a loving father to his children, loyal husband to multiple wives, and the protector, provider and stabilizer of many. His mere existence despite the traumatic and astonishing lives he s lived is unfathomable. Brown s philosophies on love, life, leadership and self assessment; lay the groundwork for a new approach to personal, spiritual and professional fulfillment.