Love And Chasin' Paper: Love, Money and Drugs


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CHASE and K9 have the crack game in a choke hold when the strong winds of change blow a new supplier into town, threatening to knock them off of their pedestal and bury them side by side.

But the two friends are much too gangsta to fold under pressure.

They would rather kill or die than surrender their throne.

While a bloody war is building up in the streets, Chase and K9 are somewhat distracted by the glamour of the game and the beautiful women that have captured their thuggish hearts.

JOY and MO aren't your average chicks, they are bad to the bone, and they've managed to snag two of the most sought after D-Boys in the county.

But underneath their glamour lies a secret so cold, it can change lives or end them in a deadly spray of truth or bullets.

Will death for Chase and K9 come at the hands of the enemy? Or will the women they love cause their demise? One thing is for sure, With LOVE AND CHASIN' THIS PAPER, the game will never encounter another team like theirs.