Love Knows No Boundaries Part 3: Pandora's Box


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Love Knows No Boundaries 3 by Coffee LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES, indeed, but what happens when passion is taken to its extreme? The chimes of wedding bells instantly turn into the booms of bullet when G'COREY reappears to seek vengeance on his rival and reclaim MINNIE until one lethal mistake offsets another, causing everything to go into a fatal tailspin.

Meanwhile, GERRAN has been scorched by the pains of love after discovering Lil Acacia is not his child.

Reeling from this abrupt news, he goes ballistic and creates scathing wounds of his own.

With his added damages to their already fragile situation, will their injuries heal or will they fester into something unfathomable? Faced with unresolved feelings for someone from his past while trying to embrace a suddenly complicated future with his new woman, ELIAS is confronted with making it right with BLU when he discovers he wants them both.

When lines are crossed and PANDORA'S BOX is opened, there is no stopping the catastrophic destruction left in its unforgiving and relentless wake.