Love Me Even When It Hurts Part 2: Secrets, Lies & Betrayal


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A'LEESEEA thought breaking away from her mother's controlling, abusive and deadly fiancée, Idris "Shotgun "Wright, was going to be the hardest thing she ever faced in her life.

She was sure her father, RAH'NELL, was her escape from misery, but what he has for her just might be worse. Just when her world is spiraling out of control, along comes her knight in shining armor.

SAVAN, an older man, becomes her confidante and the one who satisfies her dark, sexual desires.

But for her to love Savan, she must betray the true love of her life. Will this beautiful but troubled damsel in distress continue down a slippery slope into destruction and doom? Or will SHAROME, the man who will give his life to protect hers, be able to save A'Leeseea from her many demons? LOVE ME EVEN WHEN IT HURTS may be their mantra, but when loving someone endangers a man's life, will he continue to follow his heart? Or will he finally decide to follow his mind?