Love Me Even When It Hurts Part 3: When Love Isn't Enough


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With both hands wrapped around her throat, A'LEESEA EVANS is in a fight for her life.

SAVAN, her side lover, has vowed to kill her if she tries to leave him.

Will one or both of their lives be lost playing a forbidden game of love that could just as easily end in tragedy as it could end in bliss? Meanwhile, IDRIS "SHOTGUN" WRIGHT's wrongdoings are catching up to him all at once.

Can this dirty, undercover cop evade his demise and get back on track of hunting A'Leesea and SHAROME down? Or will he finally be forced to pay the price for his past transgressions? Sharome will stop at nothing to save A'Leesea and take away all of the pain she's had to endure.

But there's something on the horizon that just might force him to break that vow.

LOVE ME EVEN WHEN IT HURTS, she asked of him.

Will Sharome honor his promise to A'Leesea? Or will someone else close to them both become the recipient of his heart?