Love Shouldn't Hurt Part 2: Lies & Deception


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DOT is a mother from hell.

Instead of nurturing her daughter and giving her love, she despises KAYMEE and tries desperately to end her life.

But that cold bit*h named karma is right around the corner, waiting to turn the tables on her.

Kaymee is furious over her mother's evil ways and deception.

All she wants to do is move far away and to be happy, for once in her life.

With everything falling apart, DRAY just might be the answer to her prayers.

But like many men, he's not exactly who he claims to be.

When the truth is finally revealed, will Kaymee be worse off than she was when they met? Will she ever find her happiness and learn that LOVE SHOULDN'T HURT? Travel down this twisted road of lies and deceit as this heart-wrenching story of unrequited love builds to a crescendo that will leave your mouth hanging wide open.