Loyal to the Game: A Woman's Ambition


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Blessed with a delectable body and a cute face, ZIVIAL, aka TINY, could've been a fashion model or some other respected professional, had she not been born in the hood, where poverty and despair smothers dreams and aspirations. Young and vulnerable, Tiny falls for JAHEIM, a smooth talking, swagged up and abusive hustler who leads her into a very dark place that seemingly has no way out. Determined to escape the abysmal life she's living under, Jaheim's stronghold, Tiny must move with guile and relentless calculation to find the happiness and freedom she desperately craves.

But escaping her nightmare proves to be harder than enduring it. Just when there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, one fatal misstep causes everything Tiny planned to unravel.

Now it's about survival of the fittest, self preservation, and stacking dollars. In order to outrun her demons and the law, Tiny must hit the streets and remain LOYAL TO THE GAME, even when it threatens to chew her up and spit her out on the cold, hard pavement.