Loyal to the Game Part 2: Fighting For What's Mine


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When TINY finds herself in prison for a crime she didn't commit, despair threatens to cut off her last breath.

But a woman who has always been good at survival is hard to count out. With her back against the proverbial wall, this seasoned street chick is determined to regain her freedom through whatever means is necessary, including using her body and her guile.

Whatever it takes, the game still owes her and Tiny plans to collect that debt in total. Meanwhile, her daughter ALEXIS has become a ward of the state.

Trapped in the foster care system and longing for her mother, young Alexis tries to put the broken pieces of her life back together.

But there's an insatiable urge inside of the wayward teen that leads her into deadly trouble and brings her face to face with her mother's hidden skeletons. Praying for mercy won't save mother nor daughter.

The streets spare no one, not even women.

With this bitter truth grasping mercilessly at their throats, can Tiny and Alexis avoid the dark unforgiving pits that await them? Or will their ends be fatal and sad, as they remain LOYAL TO THE GAME?