Loyal to the Game Part 3: Until My Last Breath


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After spending 17 years in prison for a murder she did not commit, TINY is back on the streets.

And as soon as her feet touch the cold, hard concrete, she's faced with the kidnapping of her beloved daughter, ALEXIS. Using the guile and street wit that has helped her survive a lifetime of catastrophic obstacles, Tiny sets out on a mission to rescue Alexis and bring her enemies to their knees. On Tiny's side is her cousin, ROMAN, a vicious and calculating thug who goes on a violent rampage in wake of Alexis' disappearance. When Roman's guns start to clap loud and deadly, will the hoods of Chicago tremble in his path? Or will other killers clap back with equal fatality? As the drama builds at a heart-thumping pace, only one thing can stop the blood spill and bring Alexis home safely.

But will it happen in time?