Mandarin Chinese/English Visual Dictionary


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Learning Mandarin Chinese has never been this easy.

This trusty travel companion features comprehensive definitions and colorful images of daily life, helping you appreciate the nuances of the language and master pronunciation.

Keep the 
Mandarin Chinese-English Bilingual Dictionary by your side as you shop, eat, socialize, travel, and work. With more than 10,000 fully illustrated terms arranged by theme and an easy-to-use audio app guiding you, learning and retaining key terms is simple. Inside you'll discover key nouns, verbs, and phrases, and a detailed index for instant reference.

Simplified Chinese characters, along with clear instructions for accurate pronunciation in the Pinyin accent, help you further enhance your Mandarin reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. From names of dishes and seasons of the year to parts of the body and furniture around the house, find everything at your fingertips with this practical and stimulating dictionary.

Mandarin Chinese-English Bilingual Dictionary has been updated to include modern technology and contemporary ways of life and reflects the changes the language has undergone.

Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, remember to pack this comprehensive yet accessible bilingual dictionary.