Married to the Money & Carl Weber's Kingpins: The Girls of South Beach (2 Books) Book Bundle


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Married to the Money Greed is defined as an excessive desire to possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially wealth and power.

A gold-digger is defined as a person who dates someone simply to extract money from them.Twenty-six-year-old Chanel Franklin fits both definitions to a tee.

Her "Married to the Money" mentality leads her to make more than a few bad choices.

On the road to riches, she gets caught up in a whirlwind affair with a certified baller.

After losing her mind and common sense, she gives up a good job, a great man, and a comfy lifestyle just to live life in the fab lane.On Chanel's journey to obtain the finer things in life, she quickly realizes the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

More money almost always means more problems

She's been betrayed by family, friends, and a few false admirers.

She's also learned more lessons, both physical and mental, than she cares to remember.

When she realizes money is the root of all evil, it may be too late.

Everything comes at a price-hers just may be her life.

Carl Weber's Kingpins: The Girls of South Beach Anissa Burke has one goal, and that's to be the baddest bitch to ever walk the earth.

Using seduction to her advantage, she stays laced in designer clothes, in the best homes, and behind the wheel of fancy cars.

Things are good, and when Anissa meets a pimp named Leon, he promises to make them even better. At first Leon treats her like royalty.

He tells her she's better than his other girls and even shows her the game.

Soon, though, she begins to see the evil in him take root, and his love turns to brutal blows.

Tired of seeing bruises on her skin and giving him all her money, Anissa can't take it anymore.

After witnessing Leon commit a murder, she calls in an anonymous tip that leads to his arrest. With Leon gone, his spot is up for grabs, and Anissa knows she's the only one who can step into it.

The girls trust her, and under her wing, they become the highest paid underground escort business in South Beach.

However, sometimes the things buried in the past can dig themselves up. When escorts start turning up dead around the city and an attempt is made on her life, Anissa discovers that Leon has been released from prison.

With vengeance in his heart, he wants back what he's started, and he won't stop until there is no more breath in Anissa's body.