Married to the Shooter


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Welcome to Kapri James-White's world.

Walk the streets of Detroit with her and learn what it truly means to be Married to the Shooter

  Kapri James wasn't born into the struggle of the game, but she craves it.

Despite pleas from her mother, the upper-middle-class teen is addicted to "slumming" and living the fast life.

Everything about the black-hearted mentality of Detroit draws her in with ease.

Drug dealing, car jackings, home invasions, snatch and grabs, and mayhem in general have to be on a man's resume to catch her eye. Hardcore criminal Nolan White, known citywide as a shooter, fits that description to a tee, and Kapri has to have him.

She is a hood Bonnie to his gangster Clyde, and the streets often run red when the couple is involved.

Theirs is a union inked in cold blood.