Midnight Cartel Part 3: The Dirty Streets of Delaware


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RYAN has paved a path with blood, death and destruction.

Now that he's embarked on this sinister journey, there is no turning back.

The Grim Reaper demands that Ryan finishes the gruesome game he started.

No matter the consequences.Ryan's position in the MIDNIGHT CARTEL is for the sole purpose of avenging what was done to his family.

The skeletons are out of the closet and the truth fuels Ryan's unbridled aggression.

His decision to work the dope game to his advantage has changed.

But will he be able to survive the turmoil that's headed his way? Or will he be crushed by the same streets that claimed the lives of generations of his people before him?Meanwhile, RECKLESS is unleashing his fury on the Wilmington neighborhoods that he blames for the death of his cousin, WICKED.

Seemingly, nothing but vengeance can quell his pain.

But is he on the road to self destruction?