Midnight Cartel (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1:

In the dirty and violent streets of Wilmington, Delaware, RAEKWON ROYAL uses his gun and cold-blooded ruthlessness to elevate himself above everyone else in the city's underworld.

Along the way, he stacks bodies and money with no apology.

Meanwhile, a powerful movement is being enforced, and bloodshed is the key to success.

Can Raekwon remain the predator and not become the prey? Keenly watching his father's every boss move is RYAN, the prodigal son.

With a strong desire to become a legend like his pop, but doing it his own way, Ryan has vicious, grandiose plans to put the streets in a choke hold until old enemies from his father's past rises to the surface. With money as the motive, things take a turn for the bad.

Sex is the devil's weapon when it comes to the women who want to sink their claws into Wilmington's Finest.

Will Ryan lead the MIDNIGHT CARTEL to unimaginable prosperity? Or will he become weakened by secrets and friends who run amok?

Book 2:

RYAN has proven time and time again that his murder game is official, but there are many more tests to come.

As his stature continues to grow, the MIDNIGHT CARTEL recognizes his ambition.

Now the pressure is on.

Will Ryan put the state of Delaware in his pocket? Or will his lofty aspirations lead to a downfall? Where money and street cred is plentiful, so are the hands of the devil.

With cocaine heaven right at his fingertips and the chance to rule the hood within his grasp, secrets will emerge and friends will become bitter foes.

In the midst of the bloodshed, new alliances will be formed. Will Ryan lay down the hustle for his new table of bosses? Or will his plans backfire and leave him stuck in a deadly quagmire, where the only rule is that there are no rules at all?

Book 3:

BRYAN has paved a path with blood, death and destruction.

Now that he's embarked on this sinister journey, there is no turning back.

The Grim Reaper demands that Ryan finishes the gruesome game he started.

No matter the consequences. Ryan's position in the MIDNIGHT CARTEL is for the sole purpose of avenging what was done to his family.

The skeletons are out of the closet and the truth fuels Ryan's unbridled aggression.

His decision to work the dope game to his advantage has changed.

But will he be able to survive the turmoil that's headed his way? Or will he be crushed by the same streets that claimed the lives of generations of his people before him? Meanwhile, RECKLESS is unleashing his fury on the Wilmington neighborhoods that he blames for the death of his cousin, WICKED.

Seemingly, nothing but vengeance can quell his pain.

But is he on the road to self destruction?