Midnight Cartel: Rich and Royal


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In the dirty and violent streets of Wilmington, Delaware, RAEKWON ROYAL uses his gun and cold-blooded ruthlessness to elevate himself above everyone else in the city's underworld.

Along the way, he stacks bodies and money with no apology.

Meanwhile, a powerful movement is being enforced, and bloodshed is the key to success.

Can Raekwon remain the predator and not become the prey? Keenly watching his father's every boss move is RYAN, the prodigal son.

With a strong desire to become a legend like his pop, but doing it his own way, Ryan has vicious, grandiose plans to put the streets in a choke hold until old enemies from his father's past rises to the surface. With money as the motive, things take a turn for the bad.

Sex is the devil's weapon when it comes to the women who want to sink their claws into Wilmington's Finest.

Will Ryan lead the MIDNIGHT CARTEL to unimaginable prosperity? Or will he become weakened by secrets and friends who run amok?