Mob Ties: Deadly Games


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In the city of New York and its underground Mafia world, death comes to the weak, swift and mercilessly, while the men that hold the power seem impervious to such downfalls.

Until TONY LENACCI, known best as the Boss Of Bosses, is killed in his own nightclub. After Tony's death, SAMMY becomes the head of the family.

As soon as Sammy takes command, he seeks blood, aiming his wrath at Southside Jamaica Queens where FABIO and his crew controls the streets.

Will Fabio be able to outwit a man with MOB TIES? Or will he get buried alongside his brethren? After a nefarious turn of events, JAMILA, who is left standing, shows the Mafia world how deadly and dangerous of a female she is.

As she establishes herself as one of the first female Dons on the rise, she exerts just as much love, fear, and power as her male counterparts.

And anyone who goes against her shall soon meet their Maker.