Mob Ties Part 2: Code of Silence


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It's been four years since JAMILA took over the streets of Queens and all seems well in her nefarious lifestyle.

The respect that she garners from the other Mafia families is immense, but things are about to take a turn for the worse. FRANKIE gets shot and left for dead.

Will this signal an attack on Jamila's crew? Could her life be in danger somehow? And when someone from Jamila's past reappears and tugs the strings to her heart will she allow her emotions to interfere with her MOB TIES? Or will her level of gangsterism remain uncompromised? Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating Jamila's affairs and someone isn't honoring the Code of Silence.

With so much against her, including a plot to have her murdered, will this mob boss finally get brought down? Or will those who plot her downfall incur a wrath like nothing the Burroughs have ever witnessed before?