Mobbed Up Part 3: Drill or Be Drilled


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RELL and his brother, JAH, are about that smoke and they have two of the most loyal women by their sides as they navigate the streets. TAMERA has proven her love for Rell over and over, but the game is about to test their bond like never before.

 Meanwhile, Jah has gotten rich and decides he no longer needs TIRZAH, although she's been his ridah through gunplay, kidnappings and other life and death situations. When Tirzah falls into the arms of a vicious gang leader, will Jah be able to accept that she has moved on? Or will there be bloodshed over the woman he threw away?

With so many others in the city being MOBBED UP just like them, Jah and Rell are pushed to the limit to maintain their gangsterism. But the brothers aren't the kind to run from the pressure, they apply it.

Always knowing it's Drill or be Drilled.