Money Makes Me Cum


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In this shocking serial cautious with every move you make.

The next one, could be your last

On the surface, it may seem young Akira isn't like other girls.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

Like most she doesn't come from wealth.

Akira's gotten what she has using her 'God-given talent.' Mainly, her sex.

Not her only asset, but her best asset.

Upon graduating high school, she put it to work as a high end stripper.

Earning enough coin to take care of herself and her family.

With a monthly income three times that of most females her age.

These days? Akira IS, the dream.

But when an old foe returns to lay claim to everything she holds dear.

Akira will need to rely on her wits if she hopes to survive while protecting those closest to her.

Meanwhile a local narcotics dealer becomes infatuated with one of the other dancers at the club.

But his arrest and later incarceration puts their romance on hiatus, perhaps permanently.