Money, Murder & Memories (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1:

RONDO has a plan to get rich, but will his aspirations lead him down a tumultuous road filled with MONEY, MURDER & MEMORIES that outweigh the amenities of wealth? When he's pressured into the murder game by members of his own organization, Rondo must decide which end of the gun he wants to be on.

Will he become the hunter or the prey? As he ponders the direction his life will take, this young hood legend holds onto the last conversation he had with his beloved mother on her deathbed.

Will her dying declaration bring him clarity? Or will the pressure applied to him bring out a beast like no other?

Book 2:

With the help of MANNY and his best friend, DONNY, RONDO is finally starting to gain some real control over the city.

He is on his way to establishing himself as a made man, a task that comes with bloodshed and an indomitable will to succeed.

But there is major opposition to Rondo's come-up, particularly REDD, a foe that can't be taken lightly. Rondo has a clear vision of his future in the game, but as long as Redd is around nothing is certain but chaos and warfare.

Can Rondo eliminate his most deadly opposition? Or is Redd destined to be the last man standing? With MONEY, MURDER & MEMORIES prevalent in his life, Rondo faces praise, hate, and envy, while desperately trying to keep a level head and remain humble.

Will he become overwhelmed or defeated by his enemies, or will he prevail and prosper over the circumstances?

Book 3:

After RONDO beats the odds and conquers the city, he disappears from the scene, leaving behind MONEY, MURDER & MEMORIES.

Even in his absence, the team structure remains intact, but can the Dons keep things going and take the game to another level? Filling Rondo's shoes is much harder than the Dons anticipated.

When a new development threatens to tear down everything Rondo built and left behind for them, will the Dons unite in order to defend their empire? Or will they be overtaken by a force stronger than anything they've ever encountered? The Dons young and foolish ways make ops underestimate their strategic gangsta, but that could be a huge mistake.

Or perhaps the Dons are headed for a tragic downfall.

Can these proteges master the game as they were taught? Or will their inexperience undermine their ambition?