Motivation (Parts 1, 2, & 3) Book Set


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Part 1:

In his world anything less than the top wasn't an option.

Manipulating women, the streets, and everything in between will earn young Keyshawn "Key" Watson not only money and prestige, but the privilege of being deemed as one of Milwaukee's finest Players.

In pursuit of higher earnings, Key spreads his ring of prostitutes and thieves across the.

But when tragedy strikes his camp in New Orleans he gains some unwanted attention from the U.S. Justice Department.

When federal agents begin to close in on him and two of his closest associates their case appears to be air tight as the charges continue to pile up. 

Part 2:

Keyshawn Watson and T.A. Smith were living a life on a rail of razor blades.

With targets on their backs from gangsters in the gritty streets of Milwaukee to crafty personnel at the F.B.I., demise or a lifetime in federal prison seemed to be the only conceivable outcome.

However, the assistance of Li Chan; an agent with the bureau gone bad; granted them the advantage needed to level the playing field.

All appears to be well, until a series of brutal murders aggravates some of the city's top officials.

In turn, pressure is applied on the F.B.I. to conclude its field work and bring them to justice.

At the same time Chan's partner, Greg Daley, discovers her unethical dealings with Keyshawn and decides to embark on a scheme of taking matters into his own hands.

Then suddenly - within the blink of an eye, the pursuit of money transforms into a frantic chase to preserve their life and liberty.

Part 3:

Back for his grand finale, Keyshawn is faced with yet another tribulation that sets death in motion for several of his comrades.

Above the law becomes an understatement when he finds out that he has been in bed with the law, literally.

Read Motivation 3 and follow Keyshawn to the end of his journey...The blood that is shed in this saga will definitely raise any readers motivation to the next level.