Murda Season: Business Is Near Personal


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In the grimy streets of Brooklyn, New York, a man nicknamed MURDA is a street-certified gangsta who's on a meteoric rise in the drug game.

When he meets STACKS, things will elevate to a whole other level as dead bodies pile up. The Italian Mafia won't sit still while Stacks and Murda infringe on their territories.

Will the Mob be able to snuff out these young, black renegades? Or is there a new day dawning in the BK?As if it isn't enough trouble going to war with the Mafia, things amp up even more when Stacks falls for the one woman that can bring him down faster than an enemy's bullets.

To withstand it all, Stacks might have to declare MURDA SEASON on everyone, including the one who has grown close to his heart.