Murda Season Part 3: Krazy Boss B*tches


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MURDA and GUNNA return with a new crew of dangerous, deadly females on their team to reignite a MURDA SEASON unlike anything ever witnessed.

GABBY is striving to live as a Muslim woman with her husband, but when death comes to her front door, it will unleash the beast inside of her and a lot of blood will get spilled. As the drama builds, CHELSEA, the notorious mafia godmother, reappears on the scene with the power behind her to destroy Murda's whole world.

But will she be ready for what Murda has planned for her? The streets are about to be littered with bullets and bodies.

Death and destruction runs just as rampant as the ambitions of the gangsters that fight for money and power.

Will Murda and his crew become living legends? Or will they die in the streets they fought hard to rule?