My Besties Part 4: Revenge Is Mine


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Manipulation is a tool used to gain power...

but everything comes at a price

This should be the happiest day of Ja'ziya's life.

She's officially "out", released from prison.

But just as that realization begins to set in she becomes the victim of a vicious attack.

Organized and perpetrated by a God-less band of female gangsters who represent The East Side Crazy Crew.

Despite her newfound freedom Ja'ziya cannot let this act of disrespect go unchecked.

Her rage is the only thing blocking out the physical pain she feels right now and it just might be what she needs to continue doing so until she finds out who ordered the beating.

But this is "THE CHI." In these streets nothing comes easy...

and the answers you get are not always the ones you want.

Ja'ziya's ties to a local gangster named Lockjaw emerge as a possible motive for her assault at the hands of TESCC.

But a devious yet hidden mind is the one who ultimately triggered all of this, and as expected Ja'ziya is not their only enemy