My Pocket Mantras & My Pocket Meditations (2) Book Bundle


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My Pocket Mantras: Powerful Words to Connect, Comfort, and Protect  Find a moment of peace and comfort with this beautiful, pocket-sized mantra book-giving you a chance to easily recite mantras throughout the day or whenever you need a pick-me-up.Words are powerful and have the ability to shape our thoughts, change our perception, connect with others, and provide comfort in our daily lives. My Pocket Mantras provides more than 140 mantras designed to help you shift your mindset in a positive way.

You'll find mantras for self-love, healing, success, releasing stress and anxiety, and more.

With short, rhythmic phrases that are easy to recite and repeat, each mantra includes insights into how to direct one's thoughts and experience its benefits.

  My Pocket Meditations: Anytime Exercises for Peace, Clarity, and Focus Experience a moment of peace anywhere with this beautiful, pocket-sized book that can help calm your mind and focus your thoughts throughout your busy days.Today's hectic world is so full of distractions that it can often be overwhelming and draining. My Pocket Meditations offers you a portable pause button to temporarily turn off the noise and focus on what you truly need in the moment.You'll learn the basic concepts of meditation and how to meditate, including various methods of meditating and how to use objects in meditation.

Then you can choose from 125 meditations on more than a dozen topics including peace, love, friendship, hope, prosperity, and willpower.

These quick yet powerful exercises allow for increased mindfulness and awareness.My Pocket Meditations helps you to ignore the distractions for a few minutes and take on the day with a calm, clear mind and fresh purpose.