New to the Game Part 2: Soulless Individuals


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All RAMPAGE and TOE-TAG ever wanted to do was get into the game and blow up.

They had no idea that in order to win they would have to sacrifice their souls, but they would.

And the streets spared no one.

After losing his comrade in the most heartbreaking manner, Toe-Tag vows to make better decisions, as he assumes sole control over the hood.

No longer is he New To The Game.

With the benefits of painful experiences, Toe-Tag moves with a sage and calculated strategy, but it might just be in vain.

In a culture where murder, robbery, and extortion is glorified to the highest extent, Toe-Tag struggles to maintain his calm demeanor.

Will the challenges of the game elevate Toe-Tag's social consciousness? Or will he become as ruthless as the Soulless Individuals that want to end his life?