New to the Game Part 3: Dysfunctional Family


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TOE-TAG finds himself exactly where he wants to be the in the game, but he knows something isn't right.

Instead of being elated about his criminal success, he's feeling nothing but pain and regret.

On the outside, Toe-Tag is a vicious leader whose crew looks up to him.

But inside, he is just a confused, young man that's still learning his way.

Though he's no longer NEW TO THE GAME, Toe-Tag remains a loose cannon.

The plan was to lead them to prosperity, but it's starting to look like he's going to crash the entire ship.

Will Toe-Tag get caught up in a wave that he can't handle? Will he and his crew go down in infamy, like so many others before them? Or will his true character rise to the surface when the odds are stacked against him? One thing for certain: Life will never be the same for Toe-Tag, or anyone else in his camp.