Nightmares of a Hustla Part 2: Long Live King Nut


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KING NUT, a Jamaican drug kingpin operating in Atlanta, Georgia, has been black-balled by the powerful BILLY GUNZ for refusing to join The Order.

Without a supplier, King Nut's empire begins to crumble, leaving him desperate.

And a desperate man is unpredictable.

 As the pressure mounts, King Nut comes across the answer to his problem in the person of PAY PAY, who is willing to defy The Order and supply King Nut anyway, under one condition.

Will King Nut carry out a favor for Pay Pay that could ultimately cost them both of their lives? The NIGHTMARES OF A HUSTLA grows as one costly decision turns King Nut's world upside down.

Facing the deadly wrath of gangstas who kill with no hesitation or remorse, King Nut faces a huge test of survival.

Is King Nut built for the smoke? Or will he die a gruesome death?