Nightmares of a Hustla Part 3: The Last Bad Dream


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The whole Black Order is confronted with the past. Skeletons in everyone's closets become exposed and lies are confronted with the truth.

PAY PAY comes back to Milwaukee and finds out everything he thought he ever knew about his past was nothing more than a mirage.

BILLY GUNZ' brother, CUTTHROAT, comes home from prison filled with a boiling hot grudge that runs deeper than their bloodline. Will the friction between the two explode in a barrage of bullets? Or can they find a way to make peace with each other?

Meanwhile, The Black Order is at war with The No Mercy, No Love clique; a group of young, wild gangstas that have plans to take over the streets from the OG's. In this violent, no holds barred battle the NIGHTMARES OF A HUSTLA come front and center.

Who will survive this potential massacre?

Will it be the ambitious, bloodthirsty youngins or the deadly and seasoned old heads?