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I’m proud to present to you this advance summary of "organized game. "The book could in fact be one of the most highly anticipated books to drop this year. The book is a must read. Guaranteed you have never read anything like it before. Everything a person wonder about pimpin but was ashamed or afraid to ask. Without a doubt the best and most comprehensive book ever published on the game. This is the first complete step by step guide. why Step 1 which is chapter one will explain why it’s so important why you should prefer to get paid not laid. Chapter 2 explains in an extraordinary way how a pimp goes in pursuit of a prostitute. Chapter 3 brakes down the fundamentals in turning a hoe out into the game. Chapter 4 you will learn how to run a willing and able stable of top notch hoes. Chapter 5 you will learn how to teach your girls the art of dealing with tricks. Chapter 6 will lace you up with the track guidelines for your girls to follow in or out of town. Chapter 7 would be basically touching on money expectations. Chapter 8 is what I call open game it’s where I explain the ups and downs smiles frowns in the game. Chapter 9 is called chopping it up where I just free style game and exposes the lames. Chapter 10 is where I fully explain why conversation runs the nation. You will learn how to peep game and use what you hear from a hoe to your advantage I also threw in some poems and some slick hooks that you can add to your vocabulary But there you have it ten chapters of brain busting game. Boss effective techniques and information that could elevate your status to the next level. Ever pimp or potential pimp or curious person should own this book. Even if you’re not relating in one way or the other still check this book out. It’s bursting with general insight that just leaps out at you instantly giving you a genuine interest in "organized game "Let’s be honest. We all want to be successful in dealing with these hoes. The reason for this book is to share my experience with people that can relate and also to the ones that cannot. To be honest I’m just a typical nigga but with a tremendous amount of game. You will find out that most of what you read in my book pertains to what I done discovered about the true nature of hoes. How they act and react to certain situations and how some succeed in this game and why others don’t. The good game and methods presented in this book do not represent shit I done dreamed up but it represents my struggle throughout the many years of dealing with these hoes. Listen we don’t need more books on how to get along with these hoes. Throughout our short time here on earth we all have a choice to do it small or big, the choice to be the one that make things happen or the one that watch things happen. Most niggas choose to watch things happen; they allow their sucker mentality to guide them. They foolishly want to believe that they can stay clean in this dirty world. Suckers view hoes as free individuals whom have the right to live their own lives. They need help when the world calls upon them to be hard on a hoe, what they do? You guessed it; they fall hard for a hoe. you can’t a afford to go that route so order organized game today credit card or check money orders are accepted or order online at or get the digital edition off kindle. Follow the globe!