Paid in Blood Part 2: War Ready


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ROMAN is more homicidal than ever after his girl, BINKEY, gets arrested for murder, and he's out to make the world feel his pain.

If the love of his life goes down, the body count in the city will explode

Binkey just wants her man to settle down and be there for her and their child that she's carrying, but he's on a path of destruction.

Will Roman do the right thing? Or is his trigger finger too hot to be cooled off, even for the one who holds his heart? Not only does Roman want to get paid in big face money, he's determined to get PAID IN BLOOD for the heartache the world has drenched him in.

Can the strong, black love provided by his woman ease his internal pain and help him reach his full king-like potential? Or does his pain run too deep to be quelled?