Paid in Karma (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

JUSTICE has a storybook life with her career and her extremely handsome husband, WES.

Their love for one another is strong and their sex life is incredibly hot and adventurous.

Their bond seems impenetrable.

But what will happen when Wes' scorned ex pops up, determined to cause strife in the couple's lives? Will her shenanigans expose a chink in love's armor? Or will Wes suffocate in all attempts to break up his happy home? While anticipating the arrival of their first child, the happily married couple's world is about to get turned upside.

Will the love Justice and Wes share survive the infidelity, deception, and all the craziness that comes along with it? Or will all hell break loose because the other woman is looking to be PAID IN KARMA?

Book 2

WES and JUSTICE scramble to deal with the evil ways of SHANELL.

The nonstop drama that Wes' scorned ex is causing has taken a toll on his marriage.

While Justice is suffering, Shanell is ecstatic.

How long will she be able to wreak havoc in the lives of her lost love and his wife? DAP tries to help his brother overcome the dilemma, but he has major problems of his own brewing.

Issues from his life in California have followed him to Chicago.

Will he be able to fend off his own troubles long enough to aid Wes? Meanwhile, Shanell is ready to hurt anyone that tries to get in her way.

She will stop at nothing to break up Wes' happy home.

When her shenanigans turn criminal, lives get jeopardized.

Will Shanell succeed at destroying Wes and Justice's beautiful union? Or will she be PAID IN KARMA for her vicious treachery?  

Book 3

SHANELL is more petty and just as vicious and dirty as ever.

After many failed attempts to destroy her ex's life, this time she is out for blood and WES better watch his front and his back. Wes' brother, DAP, is juggling many things including opening a store for customs when an old flame reappears in his life.

Dap's future holds much promise and happiness, but he's being hunted by LUCCI who wants to end his life.

Who will survive this deadly battle between two bosses? Will Shanell find a way to make Wes' family crumble? Will she and Lucci find themselves facing a wrath like none other? Just who will get Paid in Karma in this breathtaking finale?